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New York City

(857) 285-3678

What We Do

You throw the party and we bring the mystery!


At a Ghost Ship party, there's no sitting around a table reading from a script. Search for clues, share information, and mingle as you would at a regular party, all while trying to solve a complex murder mystery.

We Provide:

  • An in-character representative to guide the party

  • Physical clues

  • Instructions for the participants

  • A themed music playlist

You Provide:​​

  • A location easily accessible by New York City public transit 

  • The specified number of guests (each mystery requires a set number)

Each mystery is designed for a specific number of people so that each guest plays an integral part of the mystery and has their own unique story arc. We currently have five mysteries to choose from:

How It Works

Step 1: Choose a Mystery

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Step 2: Casting and Prep

Step 2: Casting and Prep

Step 3: Set Up

Step 4: Party Time

Step 5: Accuse a Murderer

The host fills out a quick survey to help us best cast each role. Then we send out a character list and individual character secrets so guests can come in costume and the murderer can prepare their lies.

On the night of the party, a Ghost Ship representative arrives and hides clues. They remain present as a minor character and guide the party by providing prompts to guests so the host doesn't have to worry about anything but solving the murder.

Over about 2 hours, guests gossip, lie, cheat, and steal to achieve their character's goals. Periodically, the rep hands out individualized prompts encouraging guests to find a clue or share a secret. 

The group votes for who they think the murderer is and the answer is revealed!

Wildrence Collaboration

Don't want to use your own house? Don't think you could gather enough friends? Looking for an even more immersive experience?

Our new collaboration with immersive theatre venue Wildrence allows you to buy individual tickets and meet a new group of people rather than playing only with your friends. The mysteries have been integrated into their intricately designed storytelling space (located at 59 Canal St., NYC), the props have been upgraded to fit the heightened aesthetic, and hors d'oeuvres and cocktails are included. The mysteries occur about once a month; check out the Wildrence site to buy tickets and learn more.

**Still not convinced? Check out this great review to see what the good people over at No Proscenium have to say about our new collaboration!​**