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You throw the party and we bring the mystery!

At a Ghost Ship party, there's no sitting around a table reading from a script.


With gentle guidance from a Ghost Ship representative, you and your guests play all of the characters (including the murderer) as you search for clues, share information, and mingle as you would at a regular party, all while trying to solve a complex murder mystery.


During our virtual mysteries, a Ghost Ship representative will still be present to run the game for you, and much like at an in-person party, guests will play in a virtual “room” on the platform, where they will be able to walk around and engage each other in private or group (video chat) conversations to spread information, share clues, and try to catch the murderer!

Our Events

Private Parties

Great for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, family gatherings, or just a bunch of friends hanging out on a Friday night!

Corporate Events

A fantastic opportunity for your employees to work together to catch the killer and get to know each other better in a unique, fun environment! Perfect for team building activities or after work happy hours.

Group Gatherings

Whether you’re a sorority, university research group, social club, co-op board, PTA, union, or baseball league, this is a terrific opportunity to bond and discover the murderous streak your quietest members may be hiding.

Recently featured in:
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The Mysteries

We currently offer six innovative mysteries, each with its own unique and intricate plotline and designed for a specific number of guests.


Murder in the West Wing

6 Guests

It'll take more than a good walk-and-talk to solve this murder... but when it comes to politics, that's a pretty good place to start.

WhiteGun&Martini (1).png


7 Guests

Your everyday murder mystery... if your everyday has movie stars, hit men, torrid affairs, and poison.

Space Smugglers

8 Guests

What happens when you put thieves, fugitives, and shady businessmen on a ship together and send them out into deep space? Why, murder, of course!

Puzzle lovers and escape room fans — this one's for you!

WhiteCards (1).png


10 Guests

Townsfolk and strangers meet in a Wild West saloon: cue gambling, corruption, murder, unburied backstories, and plenty of honky tonk.


That Show About Love

10  Guests

What do the contestants on a reality show do when the man they're supposed to fall in love with is murdered? Gossip, backstab, and drink!



12  Guests

When the top superhero is found dead, the Super Team must assemble to find his murderer and save the City.

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