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New York City

(857) 285-3678

Hire Us

When you purchase a Mystery...

We provide:

  • An in-character representative to guide the party

  • Physical clues

  • Instructions for the participants

  • A themed music playlist

You provide:​

  • A location easily accessible by New York City public transit 

  • The specified number of guests; each mystery requires a set number 

The Price: $40 per guest (Student/Artist Price: $30*) 

To inquire about booking, send us a message using the following form. Please note: this is merely an inquiry; your party is not officially booked until you have received confirmation from us.

*In the interest of making our mysteries available to a wide range of audiences, we will happily send you a discount code for $10 off for each member of your party who can provide a valid student ID or evidence of a career in the arts (i.e. a website link or business card). Please mention in your inquiry if you need to take advantage of this offer.