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The Mysteries

10 Guests
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12 Guests

Murder in the West Wing

6 Guests


Five White House officials and a charming stranger gather in the President's office for a mysterious meeting. As they await the President's arrival, a reporter's latest story implicates everyone present in a whirlwind of scandals and, ultimately, murder.


Vice President Taylor Pratt — A moderate Southern Democrat, widely considered to be both slightly unintelligent and highly ambitious.

Amy Brightman — A spunky, charming stranger.

Lee Treuhold — The President’s highly competent and endlessly loyal Chief of Staff. Soft-spoken, but utterly devoted to their job.

Senator Brett Beauregard — The charismatic Senate Majority Leader, a classic freedom-loving Republican from Alabama.

Ambassador Jyrgal Shivaza — The Ambassador to the US from Kyrgyzstan. Personable, goofy, and fun in spite of the language barrier.

Emerson Laws — The FBI Director. Has a reputation for going to ruthless extremes to get the job done.

Check out the review of our Murder in the West Wing mystery by Room Escape Artist: "Our facilitator did a great job of prompting and gently pushing for scenes to unfold… which was good because each and every one of us was slippery and evil."

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7 Guests
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Ruthless mob boss Mo Bossman's family and closest friends gather to celebrate his birthday, but when Mo doesn't show up, questions arise over who will succeed him as don and, of course, who did it. Bullet or poison, take your pick.


Vinny Bossman – Mo’s son, always trying to prove himself to Mo.

Dixie Daquiri – Mo’s latest wife (his fourth), Southern and always holding a cocktail.

Scarlett Daquiri – Dixie’s daughter, also Southern. A devoted and studious chemistry graduate student at Stanford.

Estella Star – A British movie star whose career Mo funded after adopting her at 17.

Alyosha Alekseev – Estella’s Russian bodyguard, he has protected her for 4 years.

Fae Beloves Ick – The family lawyer with a knack for getting Mo out of trouble.

JR Muscle – Mo’s right hand man; he’s a part of Mo’s family and inner circle.

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Space Smugglers

8 Guests
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Space travel is common, an intergalactic rebel Coalition battles the dictatorial Regime, and everyone is just scraping by. In this bleak landscape, nothing is more important than trust, and Captain Jay's crew is thick as thieves — that is, until someone goes missing 3 days into deep space. Too bad there's no honor amongst thieves.

Puzzle lovers and escape room fans — this one's for you!


Jay, the Captain – A rough exterior with a soft interior, they love their crew.

Snow, the First Mate - Loyal, hardy, never flinches in the face of danger.

Beemer, the Pilot – Friendly, goofy, terrible with a gun, but an ace at flying.

Tai, the Hacker – Quiet, nerdy, and formerly upper class.

Ezra, the Cook – Incredibly intelligent but mystifying, they seem to be on a different level than the rest of us.

Lark, the Apprentice – A new passenger and Dawson's companion. Brave, resilient, and full of hope.

Dawson, the Guru – A new passenger and Lark's mentor. Full of experience and wisdom, they love to talk about their strange religion.

West, the Suit – A new passenger. Rich, serious, and mysterious.

Check out the review of our Space Smugglers mystery by Room Escape Artist: "Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries created a robust world for us to explore and treated us like adults. We were able to dive deep or wade in the shallow waters as we each desired."

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10 Guests
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The Old West is lawless enough, but once the Sheriff is found dead, true chaos erupts. Bounty hunters, outlaws, and the deputy compete for control with the townsfolk caught in the middle. 


Skylar Ketchum – The deputy.

Virginia Townsend – The saloon owner.

Constance Hart – The hooker with a heart of gold.

Amelia Conner – The town gossip.

Lucky Pat Carlson – The railroad baron.

Georgia Pierce – The Southern belle.

Jeremy Nott – The drifter.

Remington Rose Doolin – The bounty hunter.

Two Toes Toby – The bounty.

Bay Goldberg – The ‘49er.

Check out the review of our Western mystery by Room Escape Artist: "It was an Agatha Christie-esque murder mystery game filled with tawdry scandal, plot twists, and betrayal… and all acted out by our friends in our small apartment."

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That Show About Love

10 Guests


It's cocktail hour on a reality dating show and everyone is buzzing to see who'll get tonight's rose. The bachelor, Chad, is a worthy prize... at least he was before he became a corpse. But the show must go on, even without the man of the hour, and it's up to the girls to find out who killed Mr. Perfect before the killer strikes again.


Tildy — The small-town Midwestern girl-next-door Disney Princess with a heart of gold; very sweet and likable.

Tennessee — The sharp-witted and sharp-tongued Southern Barbie Doll.

Ophelia — The crazy girl; like, full on “if it’s a pomegranate, then God bless it!” crazy.

Riley — The cool, slightly tomboy-ish girl who always gets friend-zoned.

Jada B. — The Tragic Past girl of the season, whose previous husband died mysteriously not too long ago; she thinks her story is amazing. 

Katalina — The one who just oozes sex appeal.

Sloane — The wealthy socialite/former president of her sorority.

Lola — The glamorous, confident, and effortlessly cool girl; seems a little edgy for That Show About Love.

Jada J. — The quirky, fun, passionate one; pretty much every girl’s best friend in the house.

Monica — The one who doesn’t quite fit in with the other girls; a little nerdier than your average That Show contestant.

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12 Guests


When the Super Team Leader, Golden Guy, is found dead, it’s up to the rest of the Super Team and a few civilians to avenge him. Superpowers, evil masterminds, secret identities, and doomsday devices come head to head in this fast-paced mystery.


The Mind Thief   A gritty, violent, anti-hero vigilante.
Morgan King
  A cocky, charismatic billionaire with lots of tech but no actual superpowers.
Professor Inferno
— The team’s dispatcher.
The Red Finch
— Golden Guy’s super-speedy former sidekick.
The Illusionist
— Golden Guy’s reality-warping current sidekick.
Peyton Payne
— The troubled but determined Chosen One destined to save the world.
The Silent Sentinel
— The virtuous community protector and Golden Guy’s long-time rival.
The Whisperer
—  The moody, isolated newest member of the Super Team.
Deputy Mayor Grayson
— The City’s ambitious Deputy Mayor.
Doctor Dabbler
A scientist who provides the Super Team with fancy gadgets and supersuits.
Hunter Wright
— A reporter obsessed with superheroes. 
Sage Smith
—  Morgan King’s romantic partner, a movie star who always ends up needing to be saved. 


Check out the review of our Superhero mystery by Room Escape Artist: "The hosts even match the characters to your group member’s personalities which is fun… and it’s even more fun when you win as the supervillain like I did."

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