The Mysteries

Murder in the West Wing

6 Guests

It'll take more than a good walk-and-talk to solve this murder... but when it comes to politics, that's a pretty good place to start.

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Space Smugglers

(Cannot be done virutally)

8 Guests

What happens when you put thieves, fugitives, and shady businessmen on a ship together and send them out into deep space? Why, murder, of course!


7 Guests

Your everyday murder mystery... if your everyday has movie stars, hit men, torrid affairs, poison and the like.



10 Guests

Townsfolk and strangers meet in a Wild West saloon: cue gambling, corruption, murder, unburied backstories, and plenty of honky tonk.

That Show About Love

10 Guests

What do the contestants on a reality show do when the man they're supposed to fall in love with is murdered? Gossip, backstab, and drink!

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New York City

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