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Our Events

“Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries are among the most under-appreciated immersive experiences in New York City.” - Room Escape Artist

Our games are simultaneously more personalized and less work for the host than the average murder mystery. Our representative handles all the explaining, casting, and clue distributing, all while playing a minor character so as not to distract from the game. All the host has to do is provide us with a little information — like if there’s anyone who really shouldn’t be playing lovers.

Private Parties

Great for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, family gatherings, or just a bunch of friends hanging out on a Friday night!

Corporate Events

A fantastic opportunity for your employees to work together to catch the killer and get to know each other better in a unique, fun environment! Perfect for team building activities or after work happy hours.

Group Gatherings

Whether you’re a sorority, university research group, social club, co-op board, PTA, union, or baseball league, this is a terrific opportunity to bond and discover the murderous streak your quietest members may be hiding.

What They're Saying About Us

“We did this for our year end work party, and it was lots of fun!” - Paul Hanna of AllianceRX

  "As a person who has done several boxed murder mysteries I appreciated the curated experience. They allowed for the story to progress naturally, but also push certain story beats when needed. I would definitely recommend!" - Quinn W.

“Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries is a company that provides the full experience of a murder mystery party without anyone forced to take on the burden of planning and hosting” - No Proscenuim

"As a couple who regularly hosts stuff, it was amazing to not have to worry about the logistics of running the game."  - Room Escape Artist

"We were all so enthralled with the story we created, time just flew by."

- Brionna J.

“The amount of detail and complexity that went into the story and characters was amazing." - Anna S.

"I can’t get enough of Ghost Ship."

- Room Escape Artists

"My murder mystery ended up being one of the best parties I've ever thrown. The story blew me away with its intricate character choices, while remaining simple enough that a beginner to murder mysteries like me felt capable and thoroughly entertained."  - Rachel P.

"With gentle guidance from the Ghost Ship Murder Mystery staff, we formed relationships based on our characters’ histories, working to either solve the mystery or to deceive each other. Everyone gets a unique experience depending on who you play and what decisions you make." - Derek D.

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