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Lindsay's been going to murder mystery parties for as long as she can remember -- she's played Mafia, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, do-it-yourself party kits, dinner mystery theatre, and a lot of improvised versions (because she has a lot of theater friends...). So one Christmas she decided to write a mystery party of her own, keeping the things she loved from other games and getting rid of the things she loathed, and realized she never wanted to stop making them. All she needed was someone at her side, which is where Dylan came in.

Lindsay Carpenter


Dylan Zwickel 


When Dylan was a little kid, her American Girl Dolls didn't play dress up, they solved mysteries, so you could say this has been a lifelong obsession. Nowadays, however, Dylan's too old to play with dolls, which was pretty sad until Lindsay approached her with a proposal that would allow her to play with real live humans instead, give other people the opportunity to benefit from her 20+ years of mystery storytelling experience, and maybe pay off a bit of that pesky grad school debt to boot (theatre degrees, amirite?). And so Ghost Ship was born, and all of Dylan's childhood fantasies were fulfilled. She couldn't be happier to welcome you aboard, and hopes you enjoy the ride!

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