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Terms and Conditions

Before you book us, let's get a few things straight...


You're agreeing to provide:


  1. The appropriate number of guests


And you accept that the following actions may result in cancellation of your event without refund:


  1. A guest not showing up, or arriving more than half an hour late

  2.  Failure to respond to our emails by the deadlines outlined in them (we require a small amount of communication from you prior to the party)


If, after booking the event, you find that the date you have selected no longer works for you, we will be happy to refund you fully or reschedule your party as long as you inform us no less than one week before the event. If you need to reschedule within a week of the party, you will be charged an additional $100 fee to account for the additional prep time required by our representative.


Got it? Okay. Click here to solemnly swear that you read and understood all of that:

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