Why Ghost Ship? Check out our two fantastic reviews from Room Escape Artist: Space Smugglers and Western!  "The story was engaging. Every character had their own arc and each person was consequential to the narrative." 

'The party had so many twists and turns but was incredibly easy to be a part of." -Ashley B.

  "As a person who has done several boxed murder mysteries I appreciated the curated experience. They allowed for the story to progress naturally, but also push certain story beats when needed. I would definitely recommend!" - Quinn W.

"We were all so enthralled with the story we created, time just flew by."-Brionna J.

"My murder mystery ended up being one of the best parties I've ever thrown. The story blew me away with its intricate character choices, while remaining simple enough that a beginner to murder mysteries like me felt capable and thoroughly entertained." -Rachel P.

 “The amount of detail and complexity that went into the story and characters was amazing." -Anna S.

"With gentle guidance from the Ghost Ship Murder Mystery staff, we formed relationships based on our characters’ histories, working to either solve the mystery or to deceive each other. Everyone gets a unique experience depending on who you play and what decisions you make." - Derek D.

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